About Us

Innevape E-Liquids is owned and operated by vapers, for vapers. Our bold, unique flavors combined with the smoothness of our e-liquids is what truly sets us apart.

Our Worldwide Best Sellers, The Berg and The Berg Menthol, are “The Original Blue Slushie” e-liquid that started it all. A blend of blue raspberry, blue ice pops, and a blueberry slushie – nothing compares to the one of kind flavor of The Berg and The Berg Menthol.

Other top sellers include dessert flavours such as Carousel and Carousel Ice, a tropical fruit cotton candy delight. Want desert? We got you covered – Ace, is a delectable strawberry cheesecake. Rounding out our award winning lineup is TNT Menthol, the most authentic tobacco flavours on the market!! Maintaining the highest standards from top quality ingredients all the way through every step of production, Innevape is the most complete brand for every vape shop.